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Extreme Sackville!

 Thanks to everyone that attended Extreme Sackville!   and to all the amazing partners that supported this great community event! There were demonstrations by pro freestyle mountain biker Matt McDuff & his crew, bouncy castle, bike rodeo, booths, raffles & over a hundred people!   Renaissance was proud to donate funds for the grand raffle […]

Matt McDuff

Renaissance is Hiring a Summer Student!

  Active Living & Sustainable Transportation Coordinator Applicant must be a student/returning to school. Applicant must be self-motivated, organized & independent. Willing to collaborate /coordinate with local organizations. Flexible & have a sense of humour. Willing to  be trained in bike mechanics, train others & fix bikes. Previous experience with poster design, promotion, event coordination, […]

Help Wanted


New Brunswick’s First CarShare!

Currently, Sackville relies on personal transportation & private vehicles to get around. This is hard on our environment & our pocketbooks. In the EOS’s Tantramar 2040 sustainability plan, it was outlined that one of Tantramar’s top priorities was to start a regional transportation strategy . We believe an important solution to some of Sackville’s transportation troubles […]

History of Renaissance

   Here’s a piece written by our chair, Harold Jarche, as published on his site earlier February 9th, 2014. Renaissance Sackville   Like most professionals, I have many facets to my life in addition to my business. For the most part I do not discuss these here on my blog. However, I mentioned my community work […]



Building a Biking Town

Do you know about Sackville’s Community Bike Co-op? For a deposit of $20, people of Sackville get to borrow a bike, lock, helmet for free. All you have to do is go to Mount Allison Student Union (MASU) desk, fill out a waiver, flash your i.d. and you’re off! Sackville is a great place for […]

Winterfest Kickoff!

Thanks so much for everyone who came out to our Winterfest Kickoff: Martial Arts Expo! It was a big hit with 150+ attending, and it was a joy to collaborate with Amelie Jarvis-Lavois, Community Programs Officer at the RCMP, and copious community supporters. Renaissance sponsored a free-stranding punching bag, gloves & mouth guard for a […]

Martial boxing

Quick Facts on Renaissance 2012-2013

What are we up to?

Renaissance is making communication a priority in our 20th year! We’ve made sure you can find us on and And have created a monthly newsletter to sign up for!   …and here’s our 2014 budget preview