Dog Hitching!



Our Summer student, Sam Bliss, identified a community need and addressed it!
An avid dog-lover, Sam noticed that there were no places on Bridge Street to tie up his dog so that he could easily support our local businesses. He took it upon himself to get to work on a solution, got the support of our board and now Bridge Street has Dog Hitching Posts!

Here’s his excerpt from our Facebook Page:
Renaissance Sackville Summer Student Productions presents: Dog Hitching Posts! These little beauties can be found outside local businesses in the downtown Sackville area, to make shopping in Sackville easier for pet owners!

If you would like a sign and a hook to place outside of your business, contact your friendly neighbourhood summer student Sam Bliss at 233-0195 (****dog not included*****)

Check out the article in the Sackville Tribune.
You can also follow Sam’s exceptionally adorable dog Finnegan on instagram.