We fund grassroots community organizations through year-round grants and we also lend administrative, volunteer co-ordination, event planning , grant writing & consulting support to those working to make Sackville better.

Funding from Renaissance

Funding is available from Renaissance Sackville funding several times during the year. Please read the Criteria for Renaissance Awards first, then contact us for more information.

Grant applications for amounts under $1000 and over $1000 are available here. We strongly recommend consulting one or more board members before submitting new applications.

Funding from others

Some Government Agencies, Foundations and other funding organizations require a funding applicant to be an incorporated entity before they will award a grant or provide funding for a summer student. Renaissance may be able to help you by applying for funding on your behalf and becoming a temporary partner while that funding is administered.

Administrative support and expertise

Renaissance regularly offers this service to new volunteer initiatives. This could be secretarial, helping groups with governance issues or applying for funding from an external agency; coordinating volunteers; or enabling communication between Sackville’s various sectors to keep them informed of each other’s activities and to ensure that there is no duplication of effort. Examples of Renaissance support include: Tantramar Family Resource Centre, Tantramar Hospice Palliative Care, Tantramar Historic Sites, Sackville Community Garden, Sackville Farmers Market, Operation Beautification Tantramar Regional High School, CarShare Pilot and many more.

Contact us for more information

Strategic input and guidance: Renaissance also provides strategic input and guidance into projects that benefit Sackville; and maintains communication with groups, businesses and organizations that are also involved in community development. Examples include: The Premier’s Task Force on Community Non-Profit Sector (lead by Claudette Bradshaw); and The Sackville Affordable Housing Committee.