About Us

In 2014 Renaissance Sackville celebrated 20 years of community support

Renaissance Sackville’s vision

Sackville will be a vibrant, economically and environmentally responsible, aesthetically pleasing, caring, friendly and gracious community.

Renaissance Sackville is an organization sponsored by the Town of Sackville. Its focus is the community development of Sackville and it offers modest seed funding and limited administrative support to new community initiatives whose purpose supports the Renaissance vision.

The projects that Renaissance sponsors or instigates rely heavily on volunteers and the hours of hard work that they contribute every year: we would not achieve much without them!

Our values

  • We care about Sackville and the well-being of the community
  • We foster a sense of pride and spirit in the community
  • We support and foster community development that is in line with Renaissance’s vision
  • We foster community involvement in projects that benefit the community
  • We are involved in strategic planning in the community
  • We foster and enhance the greening of the community
  • We support and promote community events and activities
  • We support the marketing of Sackville as a great community to visit and to live in

Our mandate

  1. To support and promote the Town’s plans for community development of the Sackville area
  2. To maintain a structure for Renaissance that allows for vision development, planning and action in all areas of community development
  3. To support and become involved in community group’s efforts which align with Renaissance Sackville’s vision
  4. To seek funding and manage budget to implement plans
  5. To lobby Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government for support and/or funding for community development
  6. To maintain a wide range of external partnerships, which will allow us to work effectively with other community groups, avoid duplication, and expand our resources
  7. To encourage community spirit in all residents, inspiring involvement in planning, decision-making, and projects that benefit the community
  8. To acquire by purchase, gift, bequest or otherwise real and personal property and to sell, mortgage, lease and otherwise deal with the same; and to hold all property and income arising therefore and acquired by purchase, gift, bequest or otherwise in trust for the objects and purposes for which the company is incorporated
  9. To make such by-laws, rules and regulations as it may see fit concerning the management of its affairs, the choice of duties and powers of the Directors and officers, the admission and expulsion of members and generally for the administration and management of its affairs, and to alter and repeal all or any of such by-laws, rules and regulations form time to time, and also to delegate to its Board of Directors all or any of the powers of passing, altering and repealing such by-laws, rules and regulations
  10. To enter into any arrangements with any authorities, federal, provincial, municipal, local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the corporation’s objects or any of these and to obtain from any such authority any rights, priveleges and concessions which the corporation may think it desirable to obtain; and to carry out, excise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, priveleges and concessions
  11. To do all such other things as may seem directly or indirectly to be incidental to or conducive to or convenient or proper for the attainment of the objects hereinbefore mentioned, and to be subject to all the powers as set forth in subsection 18(2) of the Companies Act

Our history

Renaissance Sackville evolved from a workshop event held in 1994, with about 50 people, including townspeople, businesses, university, and representatives from the town office and the provincial economic development office. Renaissance began with the blessing of all from the beginning – goals were to work for the benefit of the community in an effort to counter the effects of important employers such as Atlantic Wholesalers and the Federal Government moving out of Sackville. The first board was comprised of 15 citizens. By-laws were drawn up and Renaissance Sackville was incorporated. The Town provided funding for support staff, office, administration and a marketing plan.

Nearly 20 years later, the effects of Renaissance can be seen with the addition of Tourism and Economic Development departments in the municipal offices, and a legacy of non-profit organizations which got their start as Renaissance Sackville committees: Tantramar Heritage Trust, Tantramar Family Resource Centre, Tantramar Hospice Pallatice Care, and many more.

Current Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors includes:

  • Kate Bredin, Chair
  • April MacKinnon, Vice-chair
  • Carolyn Bembridge, Treasurer
  • Melody Petlock, Member-at-large
  • Sam Bliss, Member-at-large
  • Chris Harborne, Member-at-large
  • Roopen Majithia, Mt. Allison University Staff rep (appointed)
  • Elise Vaillancourt, Mt. Allison University MASU rep (appointed)
  • Jamie Burke, Town Staff liaison (appointed, non-voting)

Renaissance Sackville by-laws (PDF)